The three Levels of Business Advisory:

1. Enhanced Management Reporting
2. Part-time Finance Director
3. Business Growth Advice and Support

VFD Pro makes all three super easy to deliver

Improved Returns For You and Your Clients

Performance Analysis and Reporting

VFD Pro totally automates the process of extracting data, analysis and reporting on business performance.  This means you and your team don’t waste time, you go straight into delivering value that is valued and desired by clients.

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Forecasting, Planning and Funding

As your client’s Advisor, finance and good business planning is key.  Using VFD Pro’s incredibly detailed 3 Way Forecast and Planning you immediately become invaluable to your clients and raising funding becomes child's play.

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Increasing Revenue & Profit

Understanding the key trends in your client’s business before they do makes you and your team indispensable.  Only  by tracking ‘Inputs’ rather than ‘Outputs’ can go move from ‘Keeping Score’ to helping your clients grow.

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Performance vs Forecast

If you can’t measure you can’t manage.  VFD Pro gives you and your team the ability to deliver highly detailed 3 Way Forecasting allowing you to deliver monthly or quarterly ‘Performance vs Forecast’ reporting for clients.

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Customer Opportunity Gap Analysis

When looking for opportunities for growth most businesses miss their most obvious asset, their existing customers.
Help your clients realise the full potential that lies hidden in their existing customer base.

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Improving Gross Margins

There are only three ways to grow a business:  Increase sales, cut overheads or increase the gross margin rate.  Gross Margin Rate analysis and reporting transforms you into an Alchemist, creating gold for you and your clients.

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Income and Cost Analysis

Income and cost analysis and reporting inevitably unearths dozens of practical, quick win measures your clients could employ to increase sales and/or reduce costs, guaranteeing your place as your client’s most valuable advisor.
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Business Growth Scenario Planning

The Business Growth Model helps you and your team uncover the true value you can deliver for clients.  Quickly and easily discover the optimum levers to pull to help your clients achieve their dreams and their financial goals.

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Overhead Optimisation

By analysing every single transaction, VFD Pro highlights specific opportunities to reduce costs or secure better terms for essential business services.  This allows you to deliver 'quick wins’ and an overnight ROI for your clients.

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