The VFD money back guarantee is for both of us, to ensure we focus on the same things: Increasing job satisfaction for you and your client managers, plus greater value for clients and the loyalty that comes with genuinely helping clients survive, thrive, grow, and exit successfully

Improved Returns For You and Your Clients


Discuss with Clients:  Valuation today and demonstrate the potential for growth in revenue, profit, and increased value in five years.  Become irresistible: highlight the potential to improve cash flow to wow both clients & prospects alike.

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Financial Training for Owners

Don’t Sell, Educate, and start by ‘Training the Trainer.  Financial Training for Business Owners, (FiMBO) training is designed from the bottom up to be delivered by Accountants, educate client & prospects and reap the rewards.

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Management Reporting

Business Owners and Managers are Information Junkies.  When they know what to do with it, the hunger for more Management Information is insatiable.  The VFD Pro suite if Management Reports is automated and without equal.  

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Business Growth Planning

The key to success is planning, and in business the only way to articulate the plan is in the form of the forecast, but unlike the chicken and the egg, the planning has to come first, then the Forecast, not the other way round.

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The only way to run a business is to plan and forecast because these two parts of the management process are critical to success.  Some businesses survive by luck, but the vast majority fail, and without a plan, a successful exit is all but impossible.

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Funding Proposals

Apply and you might be successful regardless, but by preparing a CAMPARI Funding Proposal based on history and a robust forecast, the chances of securing funding AND enjoying the best possible terms are massively enhanced.

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Report Performance vs Forecast

Fundamental to successfully managing a business and maximining the value and salability is reporting actual Performance vs Forecast and tracking progress month by month – the ultimate in effective financial management and control.

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Business Valuations

Accountants are the only profession to be trained in Business Valuations.  Despite this valuation is rarely discussed with clients, VFD Pro make it simple to use your expertise making value today and tomorrow a part of every client meeting.

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Financial Due Diligence

What does your client’s business look like to an acquirer?  Help your client understand how saleable their business is today and highlight the things that need to be done in order to maximise the chance of a successful exit tomorrow.

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