14 Day Programme

Your free trial has been designed to ensure you fully realise the power of VFD Pro and which of your clients it is most applicable for. Our goal is to ensure you generate a return on your investment, it certainly isn’t a case of signing up and getting a phone call in a month's time to ‘see how it went’.

Programme Overview

Week 1

  • Once you have applied for a trial of VFD Pro we will be in touch to create your user portal and show you how to connect your clients. It only takes a few minutes.
  • With your clients connected the reporting suite will automatically run. We will then arrange a convenient time to talk you through these to identify the key opportunities for your clients.
  • No configuration is required on your part.

Week 2

  • With you clients loaded and reports in place we will explore the power of the VFD Pro Dashboard. Should you wish to do so, this allows you to delve deeper into the detail at a transactional level for each client.
  • With the reports and dashboard in place we will help you explore the opportunities for the delivery of business advisory services to your clients.
  • No configuration is required on your part.

Once the 14 day programme is complete we would simply ask whether you wish to continue using VFD Pro to support and grow your practice from as little as £10 per month per client.

Apply for free trial.