Customer Opportunity Gap Analysis

When looking for opportunities for growth most businesses miss their most obvious asset, their existing customers. Help your clients realise the full potential that lies hidden in their existing customer base.

The single greatest asset for most businesses is their existing customers yet most invest all of their Business Development and Marketing efforts trying to get new customers, failing to realise the full potential of their existing customer base.

Without customers, there is no business

By not looking after their existing customers and failing to identify additional needs and wants, (missed sales opportunities), they leave the door wide open to competitors…As your client’s trusted advisor, and with access to their financial information, you are well placed to help them, and you.

By using the pre-populated Customer Targeting Model, automatically generated by VFD Pro, you can help clients to identify the Quick Wins in their customer base, i.e. those customers who should be targeted to ‘cross-sell’ as well as helping identify additional revenue-generating opportunities.

Through a quick process of analysis and discussion with your client, (or with a prospective new client), you can demonstrate the added value you can deliver for clients and leave them with a detailed and prioritised plan to maximise the opportunity in their client base.

The logical conclusion to conducting an effective Gap Analysis, the ongoing process of reporting progress against plan would see the key targets agreed as a result of the analysis populating the top line of your client’s forecast and assistance with reporting and monitoring progress against plan as your client’s part-time FD and Business Advisor.

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