Forecasting, Planning and Funding

As your client’s Advisor, finance and good business planning are key.  Using VFD Pro’s incredibly detailed 3 Way Forecast and Planning Model you immediately become invaluable to your clients and raising funding becomes child's play.

Businesses need to plan, whether it is to get a loan, raise equity, sell the business, or perhaps even more important, to have a plan and a vision for the future and to know where they are on their journey to success.

Whilst creating a robust Forecast is key to business management and control, most business owners will need help and if applying for a loan, it helps if they know what the Banks and Lenders look for.

This is where you can help. VFD Pro makes the process of forecasting and planning quick and easy, (so long as you know what assumptions to apply, which is where you come in).

VFD Pro produces incredibly detailed forecasts and the automatically generated Funding Proposal fully complies with one of the lending professions' best-kept secrets, the CAMPARI methodology. Applying for a loan without understanding CAMPARI is like trying to answer an exam without reading the questions.

Help your clients achieve their goals, be that buying or selling the business, raising finance, or perhaps most important of all, simply getting a good grip on where they are right now, and managing their greatest asset, their business.

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