Get More Clients Via LinkedIn

A huge thank you to the brilliant Charlie Whyman for delivering an extremely informative and valuable workshop detailing how to generate more business via LinkedIn.

You might be wondering why VFD Pro would want to co-host a workshop on LinkedIn, the answer is easy, client acquisition is right at the top of the list of priorities for most business owners.  

When we ask accountants what their client's top issue is they invariably say 'cash-flow', maybe it ends up being the same thing, but one thing VFD Pro's totally automated analysis and reporting does is to highlight businesses who have a problem with client acquisition.  

If you know many of your clients can't sleep at night worrying about client acquisition, as a good advisor, it makes sense to have a solution up your sleeve.

As every great advisor knows, one of your greatest assets is the experts you can introduce to clients when they need help, so if you missed Charlie and the LinkedIn workshop, don't worry, you can book to join us on the next one here.  

You can also join Charlies FREE 5-Day Challenge aimed at B2B businesses that want to win new clients authentically, without having to send spammy sales messages or waste time and effort trying to figure it out by clicking here.

You can download a copy of Charlie's slides by clicking here and you are welcome to watch the video (as soon as it is ready we will add it below).

Tuesday, September 15, 2020