Mark Walker

Mark is a CIMA qualified accountant with 20 years post qualified, most of which has been spent in the corporate environment managing various finance functions and occupying Director roles in some of the UKs most well known companies.

Mark and Chris met whilst performing regional finance roles for the Co-operative in the late 2000s. Identifying the capabilities of business intelligence software and armed with over 30 years combined experience as accountants, they set about helping the SME market on two fronts.

The first addressed an issue that many SMEs face in that they require the skill set of a finance director but can’t afford to permanently recruit one. Mark supports many SMEs in various industry sectors as a Part-Time FD, testing the care VFD-Pro principles and ensuring that everything we do for our customers is 100% relevant.

The second was to bring powerful business intelligence to the SME world with the goal of enabling business owners to make timely business decisions at the click of a button by automating the data extraction, manipulation and presentation.

VFD-Pro combines the two focus areas perfectly, the ability to extract all relevant business data, analyse the data to identify opportunities and risks and present the information to enable businesses to make timely decisions to increase profit. All at the click of a button.