Overhead Optimisation

By analysing every single transaction, VFD Pro highlights specific opportunities to reduce costs or secure better terms for essential business services. This allows you to deliver 'quick wins’ and an overnight ROI for your clients.

When you have a ‘To Do’ list as long as your arm, it is not surprising many businesses are blindly paying too much for the services they use.  If you can help make your clients aware of the scope for them to make savings and then help them realise these savings, your value to them increases dramatically.

We cannot be expected to be experts in everything, and time is a precious commodity which is why VFD Pro does all the ‘heavy lifting’, allowing you to enjoy all the credit as part of your Enhanced Management Reporting and part-time FD service.

What does VFD Pro actually do? By analysing every single line in every single invoice paid by your client, VFD Pro identifies and reports to highlight opportunities on a management by exception basis.

Let’s take an example we can all relate to, Utilities. The electricity that comes out of the socket is exactly the same no matter who supplied it or how much it cost. There is no such thing as premium electricity, which is strange when you consider some businesses are paying more than twice as much as others for this particular commodity.

By identifying the electricity suppliers, the trend, and total paid, using a proprietary algorithm VFD Pro total automates the Analysis and Reporting, so all you have to do is make your client aware and if they need help to realise the saving you can help with that too.

For every Exception Report VFD Pro generates we have also worked hard to identify and vet quality suppliers who can be trusted to do a good job, even then most of our clients start out by testing the ‘Supplier Partners’ on their own business first.

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