Client Portal

  • Create VFD
  • Logon to the VFD portal
  • Add clients to my VFD
  • Remove clients from my VFD
  • Update to the latest accounting period

VFD Dashboard

  • Accessing your VFD
  • Demonstration Videos
    • Summary Tab (video)
    • Overview Tab (video)
    • Sales Summary (video)
    • Margin Summary (video)
    • Overheads Summary (video)
    • Profit Summary (video)

Forecast Module

  • Access the forecast file for a client
  • Forecast file by customer
  • Forecast file by nominal
  • Amending your sales forecast
  • Amending your margin forecast
  • Amending your overheads forecast
  • Updating commentry on your forecast report
  • Saving your forecast report