VFD Supplier Partner Site Launched - Quality Guaranteed

Providing Management Reports and helping clients understand their financial situation is only one part of your 'Advisory Offering'.  To ensure you give clients the support and assistance they need, you must ensure they are able to take advantage of opportunities to increase sales and margins or reduce costs, at the same time as addressing factors that present a risk to their business.  

VFD Pro has been working to build a network of high-quality B2B providers so you always have someone to call when you need help.  These suppliers can be found on the VFD Supplier Partner website, www.VFDPartners.com.  To qualify as a VFD Partner, each company listed needs to satisfy the following Quality Criteria:

  1. The supplier must provide a sample of 10 clients* to be interviewed by a third-party Client Satisfaction / Client Engagement Specialist to confirm they enjoy outstanding levels of client satisfaction.  The results of these interviews, testimonials, and quality ratings are published on www.VFDPartners.com
    (* For more niche suppliers with only a handful of clients the number may be reduced to 5).
  2. The supplier must monitor customer satisfaction and continually improve service levels.  Evidence must be published on www.VFDPartners.com and be updated at least quarterly.

This will help you take your Advisory and related services to new levels, helping your clients enjoy greater success, by providing reports and helping them understand and make plans whilst introducing them to those best placed to assist.

Friday, October 4, 2019