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Virtual Finance Director

  • Negligible time taken to setup every client.
  • Cost effective to deploy for all clients.
  • No time or difficulty to master.
  • A mass market offering for all clients.
  • Fixed reports with no customisation.

Futurli (and other similar offerings)  

  • Potentially cost prohibitive setup for most clients.
  • Requires training to master the full functionality.
  • Customised reports.
  • Financial Performance Reports (FPR)
  • Opportunity Exception Reports (OER)
  • Management Reports
  • Detailed Profit & Loss, Cashflow and Balance Sheet forecasts

The VFD will amend any transactions that have changed since the last time it synced with your data. There is nothing you need to do.

The default setting is that data will be synced once a week. This can be amended via your portal and you can also sync on demand if required.

The Virtual Finance Director can be used on any desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.


We have a detailed product roadmap which lays out development over the next 12 months. This is heavily influenced by our super user cohort.

Each significant development is produced in partnership with our super users. That way we ensure the VFD always delivers for our customers.

New features are introduced on a monthly basis with detailed communications on each.

Becoming a super user (more than 50 clients loaded into your portal) is the best way to help shape the future development.



You can view our privacy and security policy here.

Support & Training

Each client takes less than 30 seconds to setup. Once their data is synced you are able to benefit all the features the VFD has to offer.

As well as our FAQ section, you can access a full range of support resources here.

Email your query to support@vfd-pro.com and your query will be resolved by the end of the following working day, in most cases much sooner.

We don't believe there should be a premium for support. All of our pricing plans are supported by the same great level of service

We have a dedicated in house support team that is based in the UK

VFD Portal

Within you VFD Portal click on ‘Delete’ next to the data you want deleted and then click ‘Yes’ when prompted. All data relating to this company will now be deleted from the VFD.

Your data is synced on whichever frequency you have determined suitable. In order for your reporting, forecasting and analytics to be up to date all you have to do is amend the ‘Reporting Month’ to the end of the month to which the accounts are finalised.

Please see our Xero Integration page here.